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    Online Loans in Sri Lanka

    Online Loans in Sri Lanka

    Financial independence is the foundation for a stable life. We all know that to be financially independent you have to work hard and earn well. But not everyone succeeds. Online loans in Sri Lanka are designed to ensure our financial independence in times of need. However, many people are wary of taking quick loans and have a misconception about this lending option.

    When applying for a loan, people must solely evaluate whether the motives pertaining to a loan are reasonable. You must include the cost of the loan in your budget and not go beyond it. With a smart approach, a loan can benefit you in the long run.

    The most well-known credit choice is to go to a major bank, for example, BOC personal loan. But in Sri Lanka, banks are not located evenly across the country. Consequently, in pastoral areas, people spend hours travelling to reach a bank. Due to this reason, the precious time of the clients is expended in the queues to get their work done. Further, people are reluctant to apply for bank loans as they have to go through a tedious application process.

    But when it comes to online loans, it is quick and easy. In order to receive an online loan, clients need to present only their identity card.

    This makes getting an online loan much easier than a bank loan.

    Online Loans in Sri Lanka

    How to Get Rs 60,000 Loan in Sri Lanka?

    Currently, there is a range of diversified professional financing options in Sri Lanka. When considering personal loans in Sri Lanka, banks, pawn shops and online loans are highlighted as prominent lending financial sources. To decide where to borrow 60,000 Rs in Sri Lanka, consider each one.


    Banks are the most popular choice for those looking for a loan. Banks offer a huge selection of individual loans, for housing, tuition, appliances according to customers' needs. However, applying for a bank loan takes a lot of time, up to 5 days. In addition, you need to come to the bank branch in person. Banks used to offer loans at favorable rates, which attracted many customers. But nowadays, the rates on personal loans in Sri Lanka are significantly increased. Many banks require a guarantor or collateral, as well as a huge package of documents.

    Pawn shops

    Pawn shops offer fast loans using personal property as collateral. They typically accept jewellery and other similarly valuable items as pawns.

    Pawnbrokers lend money instantly without credit inquiries. The major shortcoming of dealing with pawnbrokers is that the rates are comparatively expensive when receiving a loan. Pawn shops generally lend nearly 25% to 60% of the collateral’s resale price. If the client is supposed to lend Rs 60,000 from a pawn shop, it is wise to contemplate your alternatives comprehensively. Similar to bank loans, pawn shops have the freedom to revise the annual percentage of the loans that they provide. However, borrowing money from a pawn shop is extremely fast, but it is compulsory to present a collateral in order to get the money. This can be seen as another central deficiency of borrowing money from pawn shops. In addition to that, if the client fails to compensate on or before the due date, the pawnbrokers are completely entitled to sell the pawn which is completely unnecessary.

    Online Loans

    Online loans are becoming more popular every year, even though their rates are higher than in a bank. There are many advantages that make customers prefer an online personal loan over a traditional bank credit.

    Most of the online loans in Sri Lanka offer flexible loan amounts according to your borrowing requirements. Online lenders frequently propose sharp funding solutions in urgent situations. By searching for a personal loan online, borrowers can easily evaluate numerous loan proposals, wherever they are. Possibly, many online lenders offer a prequalification procedure, encouraging the clients to make loan comparisons without damaging their credit score. In addition, the lower operating costs cause lower interest rates when taking an online personal loan.

    What is Robocash?

    Robocash is a legal and authorized online lender providing online loans all over Sri Lanka. Robocash is evolved with a detailed computerized online portal and is highly ingenious.

    Our clients receive quality financial services on favorable terms.

    The computerized lending procedure makes autonomous decisions based on each application, and transfers money within a few hours. We furnish the fast loans for one of the lowest interest in the country. As an authorized lender, we stick to the rules and regulations without any concession.

    There is a unique offer for new customers - a loan from Rs 5,000 to Rs 25,000 at 0%.The next loan will charge interest, but you can borrow up to Rs 60,000.

    Robocash is indispensable when you urgently need money. The necessary amount of money will come to your account quickly and easily!

    Robocash Online Loan Application

    In order to benefit the Robocash loan service, clients should be in the age range of 21-65 years. Further, all the clients are required to present their NIC as to prove their citizenship in Sri Lanka. Borrowers are not obliged to have an official career as long as they can prove a stable income.

    So, how do I apply for a loan from Robocash?

    1. Select the loan amount on the homepage of the website.
    2. Then enter your mobile phone number and click the "Apply" button.
    3. A verification code will be sent to the specified number via SMS.
    4. After confirming the number, fill in a short questionnaire with basic details.
    5. Specify the bank account details.
    6. After that, be sure to upload your picture along with your NIC picture.
    7. Wait a few seconds while the automatic system checks your details.
    8. If the loan is approved, sign the loan agreement.
    9. Receive the money to the specified bank account number.

    The Personal Loan Calculator

    Robocash personal loan calculator is located on the main page of the site. It represents the calculation of the amount you need to return if you take your first loan. As it is free of any charge, you return the same sum you take. The example of the calculation for further loans is given below in the section "An Example of the Interest Rate Calculation"

    Robocash Loan Advantage

    • Fully automatic service

      Robocash is a fully automated service that provides online loans without human involvement. Robocash is a computerised system that provides loan evaluation, decision-making and instant transfer of funds on a completely peer-to-peer basis. There can be no error here, as the human factor is eliminated. This system of operation is very modern and reduces costs for the company. That is why we can offer you favourable interest rates.

    • Money transfer in 15 minutes

      You will receive your money as quickly as possible. It takes only 10 minutes to process your application, and we will send you the amount you need within 15 minutes!

    • Lowest rates in Sri Lanka

      Robocash offers personal loans on the softest interest rates in Sri Lanka, making it favourable to every pocket. The total amount that the borrowers are assigned to repay will be the loan amount with your interest rate. However, new customers can take their first loan without any interest charges.

    • No guarantors, no hassle

      Clients are not required to represent guarantors. This procedure is omitted as it is time-consuming. Further, borrowers do not have to go through a repetitious documentation procedure to receive a loan. Borrowers can receive a loan by merely providing the NIC.

    • No hidden fees and charges

      Usually, when applying for a loan, the customer should carefully read the loan agreement and pay attention to fees and other additional charges. There is no application cost pertaining to our loan service.

    • 95% approved applications

      We offer extremely rapid application processing. In addition, we approve 95% of applications which means that your application is sure to be approved! We understand how important it is to get money here and now.

    Tips for Getting Your Personal Loan In Sri Lanka

    1. Choose the company you want to borrow from carefully

      For a borrower looking for instant loans online, it is especially important to research all the information about the company. Find out how long the firm has been lending and whether it has branches in other countries. If the company is owned by an international holding company, this shows its reliability. Be sure to read the company's reviews on social media before you make your final choice.

    2. Be watchful

      Before signing any loan agreement, read and comprehend the loan documents and conditions thoroughly in order to avoid prospective complications. Especially carefully study how much money you have to pay back, in what time frame, and what penalties are imposed for overdue loans.

    3. Identify a loan plan that fits in your pocket

      Apply only for the amount you can pay back. Calculate your budget carefully to pay back your loan on time.

    4. Pay on time

      Borrowers should be sensible enough not to overdue the payments. It is important to ensure the ability to repay the loan amount within the stipulated time. Any overdue debt can affect your credit rating and access to credit services in the future.

    • Robocash Online Loan Requirements

      Any Sri Lankan citizen within the age group of 20 - 55 years, with a working mobile connection, may apply for a loan with Robocash.

      The applicant has to submit a government-issued identity card (NIC).

    • Advantages of Robocash Loans

      Some attributes of Robocash loans are the following:
      1. No hidden charges, upfront fees, or commissions

      2. We are open 24/7 without holidays or weekends

      3. Easy loan application process and instantaneous decisions

      4. Multiple modes of loan application: Web and Mobile App

      5. A loan approval rate of more than 90%

      6. Loans for any purpose

      7. Online loan calculator to choose the right loan amount and duration

      8. Loans without any collateral and guarantors

      9. Better loans for repeat buyers

      10. Loans even without bank accounts

      11. Multiple Loan Repayment Options - bank transfer, remittance centre, Pay&Go terminals

    • Robocash First Loan with no Interest

      Robocash offers loans of Rs 5,000-25,000 with no interest on the first loan. The only requirement is proof of identity and income.

      The availability of quick loans with no interest is a great help for those who just started earning and is building a credit history.

      The loan eliminates the over-dependence on loan sharks to overcome the initial financial obligations and improves the borrower's possibilities for a better loan in the future.

    • What is the Best Loan App in the Sri Lanka?

      The ever-growing number of citizens of Sri Lanka use smartphones as their primary device for Internet connectivity.

      Robocash mobile App is well optimized and loaded with features. It helps the Internet-savvy Sri Lanka enjoy the benefits of online lending in a seamless way. If you want to skip a long line in the banks and just apply for an online loan through your phone, we suggest that you download the Robocash for Android or Apple mobile application and appreciate its convenience. The application is highly evaluated by users and has numerous positive feedback from those who have already received money with its help.

    • An Example of the Interest Rate Calculation

      Each one has different requirements for the loan amount and loan duration. Our online loan calculator is an exceptional tool that shows the exact repayment amount for each combination of loan amount and loan term.

      Let's look at a sample calculation.

      You apply for RS 50,000 and choose repayment over 6 months, your monthly payment will be only RS 8,948 per month, your total cost of the loan will be RS 615 per month (APR = 15%) *

      Refer to Terms & Conditions to understand the full product details *

    Please see terms and conditions in the Disclosure Statement before proceeding with the loan

    Robocash LK Services operates the website and is providing consulting, information, and marketing services and facilitates the loan process. Robocash LK Services is not acting as a lender or loan provider.

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