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First amount

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    Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

    Although the Robocash service tries to make the loan process as simple as possible, you may have some questions. We offer you the answers to the most frequent ones.


    Obtaining the loan

    • How can I avail a loan?

      You can get a loan if:

      • A Sri Lankan citizen, 21-65 years old and has a valid NIC

      • Your mobile phone number is not blocked

      • You have registered on the website

      You can avail our Installment loan once you have already paid your first loan in full. Only repeat borrowers can avail our installment loan.

    • What are the requirements

      We only require a valid National ID - NIC.

      Only repeat borrowers can avail our Installment loan, If you’re already a repeat borrower you don’t need to provide any documentation unless it is needed for further validation. Repeat borrowers can be automatically approved.

    • How much Can I borrow?

      You can borrow Rs 5,000 to Rs 60,000

    • When can I apply?

      You can apply anytime and anywhere. You may apply online on our website at or our application at googleplaystore.

    • How much is the interest of this loan service?

      The repayment amount is available in the credit calculator before you apply.

      The interest rate depends on the amount you want to borrow and the loan duration. No other charges will be applied if you pay on time.

    • Is it difficult to get a loan?

      It’s nothing complicated. Just enter the necessary data, the amount and the way you receive the money into the form fields. Sign the contract through the code obtained by SMS. Robocash will transfer the money to you immediately.

    • My application has been approved. When can I receive the money?

      The requested quantity is sent immediately after signing the contract. The speed of receipt of money depends on your bank and is 1 to 2 days.

    • Can you give me another one?

      The Robocash service establishes an individual limit for each client. You have the right to get one more loan within these limits in case you do not have past due payments on previous loans.

    • Will the next loan limit increase?

      «Robocash» automatically increases the available loan immediately after the payment of the previous one. The following loan will be available immediately after the refund of the previous loan amount.

    • How can I find out if they have approved my application?

      You will find all the relevant information in the section of your personal account. The information will appear there after submitting the form, the robot will make an instant decision. If the application is approved, the contract will need to be confirmed by entering the SMS code.

    • The loan has been approved but the money does not appear on the account. Why?

      We will send the requested amount immediately after confirmation of the contract. It will then depend on your bank. Normally, the transfer takes place within a period of up to 2 days.

    • What to do if Robocash's messages do not arrive?

      Try restarting your phone. If you still do not receive messages, check your memory. If it is full, clear the space by deleting some unnecessary text messages. Check your account balance and SMS service settings. After performing these actions, request on the website to repeat the sending of the SMS. If you still do not receive the messages, write to indicating the problem, your mobile number and the telephone operator.

    • I was wrong to enter the bank details. What do I do?

      Unfortunately, in this case you will not receive the money, since the account number does not correspond to the indicated government ID data. The money sent will be returned to the Robocash service within 2 weeks. After that, the loan will be canceled without interest or commission. You can make a new application, indicating the correct bank details. Please check carefully the personal information you enter!

    • Is it possible to cancel the application?

      This can be done until the moment of signing the contract. After the signature, the money is sent immediately. In this case, you can only repay the loan early with minimal interest. You can check the amount to be paid in the customer service line or in your personal account. If you have not yet confirmed the contract, send an email to

    • How long will it take from the approval of the application to the receipt of the amount?

      We send the money to you a couple of seconds after confirming the contract. Then everything depends on your bank. You can expect to receive the money within a week during the working hours from 8:00 to 16:00. In the case of approval of the application during the night, it is possible to receive the money the following morning. If the approval happens during the weekend you will receive the transfer on Monday morning.

    • I have a loan not yet repaid in a third company. Will my application be approved in this case?

      If you make payments on time, the «Robocash» will almost certainly make a positive decision.

    • What if I have been denied the loan?

      If you are of legal age and have always made credit payments on time, there may have been an error. Try once more to fill out and send the application. The more personal data you indicate, the greater the chance that your application will be approved.

    Please see terms and conditions in the Disclosure Statement before proceeding with the loan

    Robocash LK Services operates the website and is providing consulting, information, and marketing services and facilitates the loan process. Robocash LK Services is not acting as a lender or loan provider.

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