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First amount

First amount

Rs 25 000.00

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    Loan amount Rs. 5,000 borrowed and fully repaid after 90 days of using the loan. Interest rate 2.18% per day. Total amount payable = Rs. 14,810

    Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

    Although the Robocash service tries to make the loan process as simple as possible, you may have some questions. We offer you the answers to the most frequent ones.


    Knowing the robot

    • What is the "Robocash" service?

      It is the first and only fully automated on-line service. Grant the loans at any time of the day. The human factor is completely excluded, so you can be sure of the objectivity of the decision made. The values are transferred instantly.

    • What types of loans does the "Robocash" grant?

      The «Robocash» grants definite economic amounts for the client’s temporary use. The size of the loan can vary from Rs 5,000 to Rs 60,000 rupees.

    • What are the operating hours of "Robocash"?

      The service can be used throughout the day throughout the week. It works during holidays and non-working days. The same working hours have our call center operators.

    • How long is the contract kept in the database?

      During 5 years. If you wish you can request it in paper format, sending an email to support@robocash.lk. It will be sent to you within two weeks.