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First amount

First amount

Rs 25 000.00

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    Loan amount Rs. 5,000 borrowed and fully repaid after 90 days of using the loan. Interest rate 2.18% per day. Total amount payable = Rs. 14,810

    Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

    Although the Robocash service tries to make the loan process as simple as possible, you may have some questions. We offer you the answers to the most frequent ones.


    Loan repayment

    • How can I pay the debt with the bank card?

      On the stipulated day you have to enter the web page robocash.lk to the section of your personal account. Within the list of «Active loans» you have to choose the one you want to repay or extend. When you give the corresponding button you will be offered a list of the methods of repayment of the debt. Click on the «bank card» option and proceed to the payment. The more detailed description can be found under the section «How to return the money».

    • Is it possible to pay the debt by paying with cash?

      In the web page robocash.lk print the formalized payment order automatically. With this document you can make the payment at any nearby bank. Important: transfers sometimes take about 5 days. To avoid inconvenience, send the proof of payment with the payment date to the address support@robocash.lk. This will allow you to avoid delays.

    • Is it possible to make a prepayment of the debt?

      You may do so at any time you deem fit. This will reduce the amount of the payment to be made.

    • What do I do if I have sent the bank transfer but the payment has not been made?

      Some banks make transfers within 5 business days. You have to send the scanned payment receipt to support@robocash.lk. This will prevent delay. Also we advise to use the services of the bank on-line or to go to any branch to avoid the delays of this type. In case of late arrival, write to our email or call our customer service.