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First amount

Rs 25 000.00

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    "Robocash" appreciates responsible borrowers

    The higher the amount the lower the rate!

    The "Robocash" appreciates disciplined and responsible borrowers who make their payments on schedule, so it improves the terms of their contracts. Each new loan will be more advantageous! So, if you want to save, make loan repayments on time!

    We have a special relationship with responsible borrowers. If you apply for loans frequently and always return them on time, your limit is gradually increased. In the following application you will be approved a higher amount with a lower rate. We trust the responsible borrowers, so we are always willing to offer you the lowest interest rates on successive "Robocash" applications. Take loan repayments seriously, do not lose your profit!

    Some useful tips

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      Apply for the loan amount equal to your monthly earnings or less, to be sure you can afford it.

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      Select realistic terms of the loan.

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      Return your debts on time. Delays negatively affect your credit history and increase the amount of debt through the accrual of penalties

    Please see terms and conditions in the Disclosure Statement before proceeding with the loan

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